A 96-year-old man living in a nursing home in Spain has become the country’s first person to receive a vaccine against the new coronavirus. After receiving the injection, the old man said he felt no discomfort. Monica Tapias, a carer from the same nursing home who was subsequently vaccinated, said she hoped as many people as possible would get the COVID-19 vaccine and regretted that many “didn’t get it”. The Spanish government said it would distribute the vaccine fairly every week, with nearly two million people expected to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the next 12 weeks.

Three medical workers were among the first to receive Italy’s COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday. Claudia Alivenini, a nurse who was vaccinated, told the press that she had come as a representative of all Italian health workers who had chosen to believe in science, and that she had seen first-hand how hard it was to fight the virus and that science was the only way people could win. “Today is vaccination day, a day we will always remember,” Italian Prime Minister Guido Conte said on social media. We will vaccinate health care workers and the most vulnerable, and then we will vaccinate everyone. This will give people immunity and a decisive victory over the virus.”

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Post time: Jan-01-2021