The world is unprepared for the Covid-19 pandemic and needs to take more decisive and effective action to reduce the overall damage caused by the pandemic, the Independent Task Force on Pandemics Prepare and Response, led by the World Health Organization, said in a report released Monday.

This is the second progress report from the independent panel. The report says there are gaps in preparedness and response to a pandemic, and that changes are needed.

The report says public health measures that can contain the pandemic need to be fully implemented. Measures such as early detection of cases, contact tracing and isolation, maintaining social distance, restricting travel and gatherings, and wearing face masks must continue to be implemented on a large scale, even when vaccination is being promoted.

Moreover, the response to the pandemic must redress rather than exacerbate inequalities. For example, inequalities within and between countries should be prevented with regard to access to diagnostic tools, treatment and basic supplies.

The report also says existing global pandemic early warning systems need to move up to date and into the digital age to enable rapid responses to pandemic risks. At the same time, there is room for improvement in the failure of people to take seriously the existential risks of the pandemic and the failure of WHO to play its due role.

The Independent Panel believes that the pandemic should act as a catalyst for fundamental and systemic change in future preparedness for such events, from the community to the international level. For example, in addition to health institutions, institutions in different policy areas should also be part of an effective pandemic preparedness and response; A new global framework should be developed to support, among other things, the prevention and protection of people from pandemics.

The Independent Group on Pandemic Preparedness and Response was established by the WHO Director-General in accordance with relevant resolutions of the World Health Assembly in May 2020.

Post time: Jan-22-2021