ince the discovery of the mutated Covid 19 virus in the UK  at the end of last year, many countries and regions have reported the infection of mutated virus found in the UK, and some countries have also found different versions of the mutated virus. In 2021, the world will have new tools such as vaccines to combat the new pandemic, but it will also face new challenges such as virus mutation, said the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office Director for Europe, Kluge.


In December, the UK reported the discovery of a mutated novel coronavirus called VOC 202012/01 and another, more transmissive, mutated virus. South Africa reports the discovery of a mutant novel coronavirus called 501.v2; The African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported the discovery of a new mutant novel coronavirus in Nigeria, which may not be related to those previously found in the United Kingdom and South Africa. The details are pending further investigation.

Since then, more countries and regions have reported cases of the mutant novel coronavirus infection. The mutant novel coronavirus strain has been found in 22 of the 53 countries responsible for the WHO Regional Office for Europe, WHO Regional Office Director Peter Kluger said Wednesday.

Japan, Russia, Latvia and other countries have also reported cases of the mutated virus. Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on January 10, a few days ago, four passengers from Brazil were confirmed to be infected with a mutant novel coronavirus, but the virus they infected with the United Kingdom and South Africa found mutant virus is not completely the same; Russian federal consumer rights and interests protection and public welfare supervision bureau director Popova said on 10 days, Russia confirmed the first case of the mutation novel coronavirus infection reported by the United Kingdom before, the patient is a Russian citizen returned from the United Kingdom.

Henry Walker, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's New Crown epidemic, said novel coronaviruses often mutate, and more mutations are likely to emerge over time.If you need COVID-19 antigen testing, please contact us.


Post time: Jan-15-2021