On the afternoon of August 15, Hangzhou Fenghua Economic Promotion Association held an enterprise activity - walked into the Deputy Secretary General's unit "HEO technology" to feel the enterprise charm of the emerging show in the field of biomedical technology.

Hangzhou HEO Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. Focus on the R & D, production and sales of various in vitro diagnostic reagents. The market is spread all over the food and drug administration at all levels, agriculture, industry and Commerce and other food safety supervision and law enforcement departments and foreign in vitro diagnostic reagent channels. The products cover food safety detection, rapid detection of agricultural and veterinary drug residues, pathogenic bacteria, biological toxins and other toxic and harmful substances. Among them, African classical swine fever virus rapid detection test strip and its preparation method and application have obtained patent certification. New crown virus detection products have been certified abroad.

First of all, sun Tongwei, general manager of Hangzhou HEO Technology Co., Ltd., led you to visit the newly opened R & D studio, production workshop and finished product warehouse area of the company. 

In the following communication, the relevant person in charge of hengao technology introduced the company's products and development characteristics in detail, which opened the eyes of the villagers attending the meeting. General manager Sun Tongwei said that at present, the company is in an important period of rapid development. He hopes to attract more local talents and resources through the platform of the Economic Promotion Council for win-win cooperation.

2020 8.18


Post time: Aug-19-2021