In order to enrich employees’ spare time life, relieve their work pressure, and give them a chance to completely relax after work, Hangzhou Hengao Technology Co., Ltd. organized a team-building activity on December 30, 2020, and 57 employees of the company participated in this activity. After experiencing the baptism of the rainstorm, the long-unseen “Silver River blue” appeared in the sky. At 9:30, all the staff gathered at the gate of the main building and set off for the destination — The Exposition Park. All the way, we laughed and laughed, galloping on the empty road to our hearts’ content. At 10 o ‘clock, all the staff will gather in front of the main garden to watch the exhibition team building activities. This activity is divided into five parts: visiting the park, picking fruits and vegetables, indoor rafting, group games, and fun barbecue.

We followed the guide into the garden exhibition hall for a visit. We saw that in the same greenhouse there were both common plants in China and precious plants in foreign countries, and also covered with special plants exhibition. After visiting, we all felt eye-opening. In the process of fruit and vegetable picking, we actually hands-on experience, share the experience of picking fruits and vegetables, leaving the fruits and vegetables greenhouses we have not less of the “trophy”.

There was a short break after lunch. Then, all the staff gathered in the open space for the team expansion game, we were divided into 5 groups, in each game to compete vigorously, team cohesion play incisively and vividly. At this time, don’t make the United States the sky thunder blast, taste barbecue for half of the time pouring rain comes suddenly, big family didn’t be bad weather are the one for fun, in the second half of the birthday party in everybody’s sound blessing as scheduled, in the life of the star have received the birthday gift, exclusive company of this surprise, let everybody very warm in the cold rain. Everyone in the laughter, the successful conclusion of the team – building activities. Through this team building activity, we enhanced mutual understanding, drew closer the feelings of everyone, enhanced the cohesion and cohesion of all employees of Hangzhou Hengao Technology, let us with higher enthusiasm into the future work.

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Post time: Dec-31-2020